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50+ Years in the Transload/Transportation Industry

MHX, LLC is a full service logistics operation in California

We provide a unique transload and transportation service which partners in moving product via truck, rail, or vessel. This unique combination allows us to provide service through various modes of transportation and continue to provide one contact for inventory and movement of high valued material. We have experience in working with various commodities from structural commodities, consumer products, bulk products, and hazardous materials. No matter what the commodity we are confident in our ability to move the material safely and with complete confidence in our end result.

MHX currently has a fleet of 60+ flatbed trucks throughout the state of CA moving standard, overweight, over dimensional, and hazardous materials. Further we have multiple facilities rail served by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the Union Pacific Railroad. With these facilities we have the ability to transload any type of railcar and any commodity. Finally, we offer Port services out of the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach and Port of Stockton. At these locations we handle local and long haul dray for break bulk commodities, along with devanning and heavy weight corridor access for container movements.

Beyond the services we offer, the true differentiating factor for MHX is our ability to monitor inventory through the supply chain. We believe that you entrust your material into the care of our company and we take this responsibility very seriously. Everything that we do is driven by the way we think about the product we are moving. We use the latest technology and constant process improvement to allow us to deliver results.

Our Mission

To offer the highest level of service to our customers by delivering SAFE, TIMELY and ACCURATE solutions within a complex supply chain.

MHX Values

  • Well Being of People
  • Integrity
  • Accuracy
  • Customer Focus
  • Constant Improvement

Why choose MHX?


MHX began with the partnership of two family companies that have been leading names in the transload and transportation industry for over 50 years. The combined strengths and market experience represented by these companies and the skilled induvial that make up MHX staff drives to make MHX a provider of simple efficient movements of material through the supply chain.


Because we realize we are nothing without the amazing people that work for us! MHX is made up of individuals with expertise in various areas of the supply chain. Being that MHX is the partnership of two family companies we strive to create a family within our organization. This emphasis branches from our employees, vendors, and customers. We are proud of the people that make up the MHX team.


MHX uses internally developed systems that allow us to do our job better. Every day we work to create efficiencies in our day to day job and give these efficiencies back to our customers to provide confidence and simplicity.


Feel free to ask us, we won’t say no. At MHX we are always striving to find a way to answer questions that haven’t been asked before, to move product smoother, and to simplify the supply chain. We put Innovation at the front of our thought process, knowing that with the right people and the right innovation we will accomplish the task.