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Our History

3 Entrepreneurs, 2 Families, 1 Industry

We are where we are today because of our histories.

Entrepreneurs Conrad “Connie” Hardin and Vincent M. “Bud” McLeod shared humble beginnings but large entrepreneurial spirits. Little did they know the foundation they laid out many decades ago would contribute to the future of their families and the creation of a new and leading name in the transload and transportation industry, MHX LLC., with Connie working in the Port of Los Angeles building and selling pallets to stevedoring companies in and around the harbor and Bud establishing a one truck, local same-day pickup and delivery service within downtown Los Angeles with his son Vincent Jr.

They worked hard to create successful family owned companies in the transportation industry. Both Companies: Ancon KOT and Budway held names in their industry that left their families, employees, and customers proud of the hard work and ambition established through these brands.


Entrepreneur Vincent “Bud” McLeod developed a reputation with his clients for getting the job done at any cost. His strong “value based” business culture done “Bud’s Way” led to the creation of Budway Enterprises in 1948. Unfortunately, not long after Budway was founded, Bud became ill. Bud’s son, Vincent Jr., determined to support his father’s dream, quit high school and along with help from mother Rhea, stepped in to run the company and support the family. With dedication, hard work and a constant belief in service, Budway’s business continued to expand in and beyond the Less than Truckload market. In 1968, Vince Jr. expanded Budways’ footprint by successfully getting into public warehousing and full truckload service throughout California. With the partnerships of his customers he grew to create a long standing name for Budway. Over time, and under the new leadership of Bud’s grandson, Vincent M. “Rick” McLeod, Budway has emerged as a leading rail-transloading and truck transport company.

Upon completion of college and full time employment at Budway, Rick recognized a need for technology and innovation in the transportation industry. To lead the growing rail-transloading market in Southern California, the McLeod’s purchased 17 acres of land in Fontana and in 1998 completed the construction of its state-of-the-art, unit train capable, 120,000 square foot warehouse and transloading facility in Southern California. A facility that remains one of the most innovative designs in the nation for a building of its kind. In 2001 to service its growing customer base, Budway further expanded its reach to the port of Los Angeles and expanding commodities in the transload industry. Budway has grown from a small, LTL trucking company to one of the nation’s premier providers of inventory management and distribution services in Southern California. In 2008 Budway welcomed its fourth generation of family leadership with Brooke “McLeod” Smith serving as Vice President.

Ancon KOT Logistics

Friendly and well-liked by the Port community, Connie who was then running his operation out of a place on the corner of Alameda and Anaheim Streets called Con-Dock, received countless inquiries about other services he may have to offer. Never able to turn away business or opportunities, he started Ancon, a combination of Anaheim and Con-Dock, Marine Supply & Salvage where he expanded his services to the water front with trash boxes, lumber, and marine gear. In the 1960’s soon after establishing Ancon Marine Supply & Salvage, Connie met another entrepreneur, Paul A. Bojanower, founder of Keep On Trucking. Paul saw the need for the trucking of cargo and Connie saw the need for ship’s services, collection of used shipping materials, and an outlet for damaged cargo. Paul and Connie started working together on special projects with Keep on Trucking doing a great deal of hauling damaged cargo for Ancon.

As the years went on, Paul and Connie’s friendship grew as their businesses did, with Connie starting his own transportation company in 1984. Even though they were in the same industry, Connie and Paul never competed against each other, and had many discussions over the years of joining forces. For decades, both Paul and Connie continued to grow Keep On Trucking and Ancon Transportation into a dominant presence in the California transportation industry. When Conrad passed away in 1994, his business moved into the control of Connie’s two sons – Troy Hardin and Bret Hardin, who continue as owners today. Ten years later, the dream discussed between Paul and Connie became a reality, with Ancon purchasing Keep On Trucking. The two companies, though sharing ownership, operated individually to create two elite brands in the transportation industry. In 2015 these two well-known brands merged together to create Ancon KOT Logistics.


In 2016, Rick McLeod and Blake Hardin, third generation president of Ancon KOT, came together to discuss what possibilities the two companies could have if they joined forces. With the utmost respect and admiration for what both companies had worked to develop they decided to take Budway and Ancon KOT to form one new company, MHX. Carrying on with the rich traditions begun by Bud, Connie, and Paul, and continued today by Rick McLeod, Bret Hardin, Troy Hardin, Blake Hardin, and Brooke “McLeod” Smith. The new MHX family is determined to be the dominant transloading, transportation and logistics leader in California. A name that continues to carry on the legacy of The McLeod and Hardin founders.