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Rail Transload

  • Ability to handle all commodities moved through rail distribution in Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Stockton CA.
  • Experience handling various railcar type through all facilities
  • Experience in handling various commodities: steel, lumber, pipe, aluminum, zinc, liquid bulk, dry bulk, food grade, and finished goods.
  • Between our 10 facilities 7 of these facilities are served by the BNSF and 3 are served by the Union Pacific

Transportation Services

  • Large flatbed truck fleet with ability to handle various commodities safely through local distribution in Southern CA and Northern CA along with state wide trucking.
  • Liquid tank fleet- Southern CA
  • Light weight tractor trailer combination- fleet load weight ranges from 48,000-56,000 gross load weight
  • Partner with dedicated carrier to transport material from CA to Mexico

Port Services

  • Container Movement
  • Devanning of heavy weight and standard weight containers
  • Access to direct movement off of various Break Bulk Terminals in Port of Long Beach/Los Angeles and Port of Stockton


  • Web based customer portal with access to inventory, BOL, Signed POD’s, invoices, and specialized reporting
  • Live tracking of all trucks in transit with posted delivery times for all loads
  • Sophisticated reporting to provide customer transparency and confidence in movements handled

Multi Commodity Transload

  • MHX has experience handling various commodities that move via rail, barge, or truck distribution
  • MHX experience includes but is not limited to: Steel Products, Aluminum, Lumber, Wallboard, Rebar, Tires, Dry Bulk, Break Bulk, Consumer Goods, and Food Grade material.

Heavy Weight Container Drayage and Warehousing

  • Import and Export Services
  • Asset based movements out of the Port of LA/LB in the heavy weight corridor
  • Bonded & Rail Served Facility located in LA Heavy weight Corridor